Medical Illustration by: Wayne Heim, CMI
Certified Medical Illustrator

Award Winning Medical Illustration

Welcome to the award winning illustration artwork of medical illustrator Wayne Heim.  Wayne provides creative, cost effective illustrations for all budgets and types of medical, scientific and commercial illustration projects.

Mr. Heim is a certified medical illustrator and a professional member of the Association of Medical Illustrators with over 20 years experience; providing stunning creative illustrated and animated medical art for museums, device and product manufacturers, companies, magazines, researchers, textbooks, and newspapers around the world.

Wayne's medical illustration and art is meticulously produced in a wide range of styles; giving clients the highest level of flexibility when it comes to creating the right look for the story or message being told.  From traditional medical illustration techniques including pencil, watercolor, and airbrush to a full compliment of digital techniques including everythng from vector line illustrations to high end 3D illustrations; the choice of the look of your illustration is almost endless.
Besides medical imagery for print, Wayne successfully applies his unique insight and style to the production of web, interactive, and animated visuals as well.
In the "portfolio" section you will find a wide selection of traditional, digital, and 3D medical illustration samples that showcase just some of the many illustrated solutions that have helped clients. 

If your current project has you in a hurry, try visiting the "stock medical illustration" section of the site. This area contains an up-to-date listing of illustratons available for commercial licensing. These "finished" illustrations can typically be added to or modified to create a customized illustration in less time then it would be to create a similar illustration from scratch. The types of stock medical illustrations shown here range from more simple, graphic vector illustrations to complex 3d illustrations. If you don't see what you are looking for, Wayne will be happy to assist in locating it, customizing it, or creating a one-of-a-kind original that is sure to grab your topic or product the attention and understanding it needs.

Stand out from the crowd. Whether big or small, complex or simple, every client receives the same full creative insight experience and attention.  Call today for a no-obligation quote on your next medical illustration project.
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