"An Image is worth a thousand words"

The right image, or group of images, paints a picture, tells a story, conveys a message, or teaches important information. As a board certified medical illustrator and fine art photographer I use my creative skills as a "story teller" to enrich peoples lives with information, thought, and inspiration.

Medical Illustration by

Award Winning Certified Medical Illustrator

Wayne is a board certified with over 25 years of illustration experience and expertise. Though working in a variety of styles, he specializes in high-end 3D medical illustration and medical product renderings. See how he can help you tell your story!

Orthopedic illustration by certified medical illustrator Wayne Heim

Fine Art Landscapes and Portraits

Science, Medicine, Nature, People... all have their story to tell. The art and challenge is capturing the natural beauty and drama to tell a captivating story.

Landscape Photography of Tetons

Photography, Illustration = Storytelling

I'm fascinated with telling stories. Be that complex medical concepts, teaching a doctor how to perform a procedure, helping a patient understand what is happening to them, or capturing the essence of a moment or individual with photography.

Powerful images that touch people's lives.

  • Illustration of inner ear.

    Medical Illustrations

    Medicine, Anatomy, Science.

  • medical product illustration

    Product Illustrations

    Showcasing parts and products.

  • Wedding Photograph

    Portrait Photography

    Essence of an individual.

  • Fine art landscape photograph

    Landscape Photography

    The beauty and drama of nature.

Featured Stories

Below find a selection of Wayne's visual stories. Take a moment and explore a far of destinations or learn about advances in medicine and the human body.

Newfoundland, Canada

A Photo Journey

Exploring St. John's Newfoundland, the farthest point east one can go in North America. Breathtaking sights and warm hearts. Experience just a bit of this rugged land and floating ice.

Newfoundland, Canada Photograph
Medical Illustrations

Orthopedic Illustration

Orthopedics: the treatment or care for the musculoskeletal system. Explore the engineering, skill, and craftsmanship required to repair bones and bodies with machines and parts.

Orthopedic spine illustration
Medical Product Illustration

Bringing reality to devices, hardware, tools, and products

3D Photo-realistic product renders. Giving clients and the public a realistic expectation of what a product or tool will look like in hand.

Device Illustrations for the medical community

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